Today’s Women-A Heroine

Talking of true heroes and heroines, names like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and the like, flash into our minds. But today, I would like to avail this opportunity to salute every female member of our society. Girls, Ladies and Women- God's most beautiful creation. They play so many pivotal roles everyone’s life. They are sacrificing mothers, loving sisters, caring daughters and trustworthy, loyal life partners. They make it a point to make every relationship a success.
Today's woman isn't any less than a man. In fact, women are outshining men in every field. They excel at everything they lay their hands on; be it domestic chores or financially supporting themselves and their family. Perfectionist is the word for them. The home-makers of our society are super women. I salute to them and I hope to be one too!
Women of the twenty first century are confident beings who believe in their potential to achieve the unthinkable. They are always ready to stretch themselves a bit more. They are modern yet do not compromise on their values and culture. These are ordinary women with extraordinary courage, willpower and commitment. They have been successful in blending together the traditions and folklore with technology and science. They are the epitome of love and affection and do not flinch away from the disposition of compromising for the ones they love. They find contentment in ironing out wrinkles in the path of their near and dear their happiness means the world to her.
It is imperative to say that respecting those angels who brought us into this world is our foremost duty. Needless to add, I guess that today’s homemaker is my true heroine.


All pictutres used from Microsoft clip art.