Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of United States of America. This First American‚¬ campaigned for colonial unity. He was the first United States Ambassador to France. He was successful newspaper editor and printer in Philadelphia. His experiments in electricity and his many inventions, lightning conductor in particular made him famous as a scientist. He discovered an important principle of weather quite by an accident. He found an important clue to the nature of cyclonic storms while observing a coastal storm in Philadelphia in October, 1743. He was the first to notice that the winds within the storm do not necessarily blow in the direction of the storm.  He was first distinguished investigator of lightning. His conclusions that an electric spark is similar to lightning lead him to carry out one of the most famous experiments in the field of science. He flew a silver covered kite attached to a wire during a thunderstorm and established that a lightning is nothing but gigantic electric spark. Luckily during the experiment he took the precaution of standing under the roof of a shed, or else he would have been electrocuted. He knew that certain marine animals could produce light and the glow of sea water was due to bioluminescence which means emission light from a living thing. He was a post master for the colonies for many years. In 1775 he became the Postmaster General of United States Post Office. Yes such an awe-inspiring personality is my hero


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The Nature of electricity

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First US postage stamp 1847




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Franklinreturn to Philadelphia 1785

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