Emilie Autumn is a Los-Angeles born music artist who plays violin, sings, and writes her music. Her lyrics range from tragically sad (as in Gothic Lolita, about sexual abuse) to terribly funny (as in the amusing Thank God I’m Pretty). But what makes this eccentric girl a hero?
                The first thing you’re likely to notice about Emilie is her style. What she calls “Victoriandustrial” is sure to catch your eye. Both her music and her looks are very “out there”. She’s often been dubbed as “goth”, and she doesn’t seem to mind the title. So what does this have to do with her being a hero? Well, as a successful music artist in the gothic genre, she poses as an idol and icon to all the kids labeled as different. This is more than enough to make her a hero.
                But her odd style isn’t all that makes Emilie different. She has severe bipolar disorder, causing her to suffer from auditory hallucinations. She says on the topic, “I prefer not to have it... and probably be a lot happier… It’s like other people hear a leaf fall, and you hear a house crash… You have this intensity of experiences that need to be let out… I’d still trade it in for anything else, but, while it’s here, I’m going to use it for all it’s worth so that I’m not a victim of it.” Her attitude towards it has helped many others who suffer from mental disorders to try and look at it with a positive spin. In Emilie’s view, it makes her artistic and it’s become her career.


Adapted from: dreamhosters.com, metal-discovery.com