Miyazaki is an amazing film director and writer! If you have seen any of his numerous works you understand, each is filled with great detail, morals, and beautiful stories. All his works are masterpieces, and a treasure in Japan. Miyazaki works with the animation studios, Studio Ghibli and Walt Disney to make his amazing works of art! Since the beginning of his career in 1961 he has created amazing works of art, though his animation! His works have greatly influenced the animation world! People as great as Glen Keane (Disney animator of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin) and Pete Docter (Pixar director of Up and Monsters INC,) have praised Miyazaki and described him as a great influence. Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino (creators of the hit show: Avatar the Last Airbender) have said, Miyazaki’s work greatly influenced the show and its style. He has influence, and inspired people all over the world!

Miyazaki is compared to Walt Disney often. They both create endearing animations that many people love. And I will agree they have many attributes in common. But unlike Disney, behind all the wonder and magic in Miyazaki’s films, he takes a much deeper tone. His movies are often dark, and sometimes have messages about serious topics. He doesn't sugarcoat his films like many of Disney’s.
His films are filled with morals, and serious messages. He sets them to have morals about courage, creativity, true strength, and remaining strong in troublesome times. Plus they go way beyond what you see on the screen, they hold strong metaphors and senses of truth. His films show that anyone has the power to make a difference, and children should be valued because they will shape our future. Miyazaki also incorporates Japanese culture in his films, numerous times. A lot of his films are about spirits and myths of Japan. He also includes much detail about rural Japanese life. He includes aspects of the Japanese life in schools, home life in the city, and life in the country. His films help educate viewers about the culture and lifestyles of Japan.

His films have changed me as a person to be honest. I have seen his films since I was little, and they didn’t sink in truly, until I was old enough to look deeper at them. Miyazaki and his work has changed my views on art, culture, and life itself. His works are an inspiration to me, giving me hope to follow my dreams and keep strong no matter what life may throw at me. He has showed me art is found everywhere in life, and is what defines a person. He is truly a great person, and a hero to me. Because in my opinion a hero is someone who does something with their life. Makes themselves proud, and is happy with what they do. Hayao Miyazaki has done all these and more! He has giving numerous amounts of people his inspiration and work!

Miyazaki is a true hero of our generation! His films inspire and enchant people of all ages, with their incredible stories, and compelling characters. He has given the world an amazing gift through his work, he creates incredible stories, that are filled with morals and culture! He is an amazing artist and an incredible hero.