P Kalyanasundaram, has been conferred with the 'Man of Millennium' for being an example of exemplary saint-hood. The social worker from Tamil Nadu has rendered his flawless services to orphans and needy as he has been donating his entire salary for the last thirty years. 
Kalyanasundaram worked as a librarian for 30 years. He has donated his entire salary for the good cause but also contributed the sum of 10 lakh rupees(Rs 100000) his entire pension, to the people in need.
Recognizing his rich contribution, the US government honored him with the 'Man of Millennium' award. He received Rs 30 crore as the award money but moving on his charity path, he donated the sum of Rs 30 crores for the people in need.
How he entered into  social service, is an interesting story.
During the Indo-China war, he decided to contribute his gold chain (which was a gift) to the then Chief Minister, for the war fund. 

He met an editor, Balasubramaniam  and Sundaram was about to speak about his noble cause when Subramanian said to Sundaram that he will write about him only when he donates something from his earnings. 

Taking the editor's words as a challenge, Sundaram quietly went away. He vowed to live his life only for the social welfare.

He is a bachelor and has dedicated his life to serve society. United Nations Organizations (UNO) has honored him as Outstanding People of the 20th Century. 

Kalyanasundaram has actively dedicated his life to the field of social services for more than 45 years. 'Paalam'(bridge) is a social welfare organization founded by him. 

Sundaram, a gold medalist in Library science has Master degree in Literature and History from Madras University, India. He received BAPASI award for best librarian in 2012. Other awards received by him include lifetime service award from Rotary International, 2011, 'Best Librarian in India' award by Union Government felicitated by the Tiruneveli Collector in 1990. 

Sundaram practices Gandhian principles. He is appreciated for his simple living and high thinking style.
A true hero in my opinion. What do you say?

Hero sketch by  G Vignesh

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