Kiran Bedi


"Better to be strong than pretty and useless”
This quote is best suited for Kiran Bedi. This lady would not need any introductions because her name just says so much. Kiran Bedi , the Indian social activist and now, a retired IPS officer, was born on 9th June 1949 in Amritsar, Punjab. She was the first woman officer appointed in the Indian Police Service. She held the post of Director General at the Bureau of Police Research and Development before she retired in 2007. She has also founded two NGO’s in India. Kiran Bedi joined the police services because of her urge to be outstanding. She never discriminated people especially on the basis of status and level.
Kiran bedi’s introductions of yoga, art of living activities and meditation in the Tihar jail were a ‘blessing in disguise.’ A non fiction documentary is also made on her life named ‘YES MADAM, SIR.’ This short film even won an award at the U.S film festival. Kiran Bedi has many awards and medals in her name. Some of them being: International Woman award, Lion of the year, Woman of the year etc.
This ordinary woman, with her extraordinary works has left me speechless and made me her biggest fan. She is a true warrior by herself, and I would love to see myself into her boots. That is why.. She is MY TRUE   HEROINE..!! :))

Kiran Bedi, first and the highest ranking Indian woman, made us hold our head high with pride. Made the Indians proud and coaxed us to call her a true heroine. With all this will power and vigilance, she stands head and shoulders above many and proved that a woman is no less than a man. Her commitment towards her work and down to earth personality is her USP.
We all are aware about the condition of the prisoners in jails, how they are ill treated but Kiran Bedi was the only who felt pain for them. She came forward to create an amicable atmosphere for them to  realize, regret and reform. She worked for the prisoners of Tihar Jail and improved their living condition and self worth. She rose her voice on behalf of those poor people. She decided to teach them seven different languages. We unanimously agree that she is a true heroine and her work is commendable. I ,an Indian girl look up to her as a role model and salute her whole heartedly.


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