Kiran Chopra

Unsung Heroes

Kiran Chopra is the chairperson of Varishtha Nagrik Kesari Club and Director of Punjab Kesari Group of Publications, Delhi.  She is a social worker, and her key areas are working for the livelihood and welfare of the elderly. Not only she is inclined towards the welfare of elderly people, but has also worked for uplifting the status of women by addressing the issues of female feticide. She started her journey alone but now she is supported by people from all around our country. She is accompanied by 21 other group members now. Varishth Nagrik is now well known throughout the country because of her dedication to serve the elderly people of society. She is like an angel and a messenger of god to the elder ones in the society who at times, for some reason, have to leave their homes. She, along with her group members, build shelters for the old and the destitute with funds collected from all over the country. Every month, many events like picnics, satsang (singing spiritual songs) etc. are held for them. To me she is a heroine, in the true sense, for her selfless work day and night for others.

Check Out the Varishtha Nagrik Kesari Club Web site Here!

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