Martin Luther King Jr. was someone who had a new idea in mind. He wanted people to be able to live among each other and be not judged based on their skin color. He started a movement among the people to take a stand and fight for what's right. He is well known for his "I have a dream.." speech that was inspiration for millions and made people fight for what they believed in. He was one of the most important voices for the Civil Rights Movement. His approach to the issue was a nonviolent way to protest against the unfair segregation laws. He made people believe that "All men are created equal" and the way that everyone was separated based on their skin color was unfair. He had a vision to change the world and the way people thought of one another . Martin was a major part in ending the judgment and unfair laws against people of the same race just a different skin color. Even though he was assassinated he is never forgotten and remains one of the greatest heroes during the time of the Civil Rights movement and still is to this day.


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