Miep Gies was a true heroine who served as a guardian to Anne Frank and her family in severe times. The lady was a brave heart who hid the family from the Nazis.

She was born on 5 January, 1909 with the name Hermine Santruschitz .She was a Dutch citizen during World War II. In 1933, she began working for Otto Frank, a businessman. Miep became a close and a trusted friend of the family.
She was a daring woman! Her passport was invalidated after she refused to join a Nazi women's association. Her knowledge of Dutch and German helped the Frank family to fit into the Dutch society.

Miep Gies, along with her husband hid the Frank family in the up stair rooms in their company's office building from 6 July 1942- 4 August 1944.

Miep Gies was a sensitive woman. She was concerned about the Jews and wanted to undo the harsh treatment meted out to them.

She did not even tell her parents about the hiding as this was a very sensitive issue and had to be kept under wraps! She was intelligent and worldly-wise! Miep Gies avoided suspicion in everyday life.

She purchased food for the family from different shops. She avoided entering the hiding place when everyone was at work in the company. She also hid an anti-Nazi university student! She was careful in every move of hers.
But fate had it all!

On the morning of 4 August, 1944, Miep Gies was betrayed and the Frank family was arrested. Before the hiding place was checked by the authorities, Mie Gieps retrieved Anne Frank's diary. She had such self-control; she did not read her diary before handing it over to Otto Frank!

Miep Gies was valiant and a perfect portrayal of humanity in the world. Real human values exist in those who believe in co-existence and those who are ready to die for others!

Miep Gies has become a role model for me as well as for several others, while facing tough situations. The true essence of living life is in helping others and understanding their problems!

I salute to such a great being - MIEP GIES!

Text by Nikita of SMS India and Photo by Harshita India
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