Sonia Frenkel

Here is a sketch drawn by our seniors, Tanya and Samarpit , SMS MB , India who are ex GVC paticipants

She was  a Holocaust survivor. We learned about her through our teacher Mrs Srinivas . She asked us to write about and sketch on Peace for the website Global Dreamers. We also sent our tributes and write ups on Holocaust Memorial Day and Hiroshima Day for the same website.It is Ms Marsha Goren’s brainchild, a homage to her dear departed Mom Sonia Frenkel.



A week prior to Hiroshima day our teacher asked us to look for information about Hiroshima survivors. She had initiated this project three years back after her communication with Ms Atsuko Akamatsu, an educator in Japan. We thank her for introducing us to the details of this catastrophe inflicted on innocent people. Here are two You Tube links that we found after logging on to the link in GVC Clubhouse.

In our opinion we have two heroines here, a mother and a daughter. Our salute to them. Please follow the link below to know a dedicated daughter’s feelings.

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