The students of St Mark’s Companimals Club – friends of animals went to Sonadi charitable trust for animals in New Delhi which is administered by a 73 years old lady named VANDANA SAIN. She is of helping nature and believes that a true human is one who lives for others and her life revolves around animals and 4 children that have some mental disability. Her charitable trust includes mainly dogs and cats and genuinely takes care of them . Though she doesn’t have any source of income except her pension, she is running this trust. She is of simple nature and doesn’t show to public her selfless work and only gives value to life. She feeds rice, lentils, bread, biscuits (only PARLE-G) to the animals. She is a wonderful lady and has named her animals on the names of spices like haldi (turmeric), jeera(cumin seed), etc.
As she is growing older she has companions who aid her in this noble task: a lady named Sita and her husband who work for this trust without any monetary benefits. Sita, every morning cleans the place, handles the animals and she and her husband live in one room with animals around them, true animal lovers. Medical facilities are also provided to animals and they are cared for properly.
After meeting them I felt like I have seen a true human being.
Yes such people are true heroes to me  because they inspire me to make life more meaningful.