Elizabeth Cady Stanton was an essential and monumental visionary in the Women's Rights Movement. After graduating from the Emma Willard's Troy Female Seminary in 1832, Stanton quickly became a leading abolitionist, social activist, and most importantly, women's rights activist. In the early 1850's, Elizabeth met Susan B. Anthony and from there she concentrated on gaining women the right to vote and additional women's rights, such as the right to divorce. The two, close friends throughout their entire life, formed the Nation Women's Suffrage Association (NWSA). She was one of the women's rights activist that concentrated on stopping the church from their prevention of women's rights and independence. Stanton and Anthony persevered through many hardships while addressing the controversial issues. While walking together to a town meeting both of the women were pelted with clods of mud and rotten eggs while the cheering crowd drowned out the sounds of the two advocates. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was monumental in granting women equal rights. Her drive, perseverance, commitment, and passion for the issue make her a true historical hero and visionary.













Face Photo-Grendelkhan from Wikimedia Commons, Ookaboo.com; Bottom Right Photo-Zoe from English Wikipedia, Ookaboo.com; Bottom Left Photo-Pencil sketch by Jacqui, USA