Born in San Francisco on February 24, 1955 to two umarried university students, Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali, Steve Jobs was an American inventor, entrepreneur, and known all around the world for being the founder and CEO of Apple Incorporated. He was adopted at birth by Paul and Clara Jobs.

It is January 24, 1984, and a young Steve Jobs is standing center stage introducing the "insanely great" one of a kind machine that he hopes will change the world. A small, beige plastic box that Jobs believes will change the world.

The Macintosh.

Known for his black mock turtleneck and blue jeans, Steve was on either side of the spectrum when it came to people liking him or disliking him. For some, he was a cold, caluclating man who would go off on his employees or fire them from Apple Inc. in an elevator. To others, he used his intense eyes that only he had to make sure that the people who were lucky enough to work with him did their best and only the very best work that they could possbily do.

He forced them to Think Different.

Steve Wozniak, a close friend of Steve Jobs and the co-founder of Apple served as Jobs's right hand man. Steve's demeanor at Apple and goals seemed to be to wipe out IBM completely. "And all of this power fits in a boz that is one-third the size and weight of an IBM PC. Now I’d like to show you Macintosh in person. All of the images you are about to see on the large screen will be generated by what’s in that bag.”

When Steve Jobs fell to his illness on October 5, 2011, the world was reminded for a final time the depth of his creativity, the vastness of his imagination, and the lasting impact he will leave on the name of innovation itself.


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